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Lifestyle event portraits

If you've ever had a drink at a pub chances are that drink was delivered by 'matthew clark' - one of the uk's leading drinks wholesalers and distributors.
Each year the Bristol based company holds a huge tasting event in London where drinks producers get the chance to showcase their products and meet the owners of the pubs, bars and restaurants where their drinks are sold.

Matthew Clark put on their biggest show yet at London’s Tobacco Dock, making it the single biggest tasting event from a drinks wholesaler - so they were keen to get the business event photographed.

Entitled ‘The Drinks Emporium’, the circus themed event was the first time Matthew Clark have showcased not just the wines they offer but also the huge range of beers and spirits.
To mark this new direction, the team installed spectacular sets and immersive experiences including the ‘Alchemist Bar’ where inventive botanical cocktails were served and the ‘Beer Ground’ taking visitors on a ride through the hugely popular craft beer selection.

Creative corporate photographer Headshots was invited to capture the whole event including reportage style photography of people enjoying themselves, portraits of the bosses at Matthew Clark, product photography, meet the maker photography, drinks being served and of course the spectacular immersive experiences.

The scale of the event was huge - with around 3000 visitors and 14 different drink areas to explore in a single day, so Headshots took along an assistant. Together they divided the photography between themselves - one capturing the people and the other tackling the huge product list.
“It was an intense and busy day but when you’re surrounded with so many people having a good time it makes the job so much more fun.” corporate event photographer Hacker explains. “We wanted to be really creative when it came to shooting the products to capture the energy and fun associated with consuming the drinks, so we played about with the lighting to bring them to life.”

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