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Advertising Recruitment Photography

Project Type /

Recruitment Photography

Client /

Halfords careers,
DNA Design Agency

Photographer /

Advertising portraits

Headshots has just returned from redditch at a studio near halfords’ head office, to shoot photographs of their staff for the new recruitment advertising website.

The brief – from Bristol based design studio DNA, was to use the trademark orange as a backdrop but capture the subjects having fun with plenty of movement.
Halfords put forward a wide range of employees to shoot from people with loads of tattoos and piercings to smartly dressed directors.
“Every hour or so another group of five people would come through the door.” explains Headshots. “Having to use the same level of energy to get the best out of each group meant I was knackered by the end of the day, but that’s why you hire a recruitment advertising agency photographer.”
At the same time Headshots was photographing the employees, a ‘behind the scenes’ video was being made.
“It was hilarious. I’ve never seen such a well propped shoot.” says Headshots. “There were people riding around on trikes, scooters, a little electric car – and even a unicycle. At the end of the video shoot I tried to have a go in the electric car but the boss had taken the battery out. I was gutted!”
There was a wide range of employees to shoot – from head office to sales, HR to shop staff.
Headshots continues; “Everyone had great personalities and were happy to make lots of expressions.

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