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Advertising corporate portraits

DNA are experts in producing recruitment or careers websites for national brands like Pets at Home. So when they need photographs for these websites of employees looking like they're enjoying their jobs to attract people to work with them, DNA call on Headshots.
"I really enjoy working with design agencies because there is a clear brief to start with." Creative portrait photography Headshots tells us. "My job is to work out how we're going to capture the ideas that the agency has come up with into the photographs."
The two day shoot took place at Big Shed Studios, just south of Manchester near to Pets at Home's headquarters.
Hacker set up lighting to create a bright, lively feel to the portrait photographs against a backdrop in the brand's signature green colour.
The client wanted photographs of both individual portraits and small groups to use on the website, in social media campaigns and for printed adverts.
Each hour of the shoot a group of around 6 people arrived at the studio. Headshots is expert in immediately connecting with the people he photographs - one of the reasons he's so good at portrait photography. From the minute the groups walked into the room he had them laughing, so when they got in front of the camera they were relaxed and able to be themselves.
"The most successful portraits are when you capture the 'real' side of someone. When shooting for this sort of project it's important that comes across in the photographs. People looking at these images need to relate to the people in them and think, 'that could be me, I'd like to work there'.That's when you know you've got the shot and what makes this job so rewarding."
During the intensive two day shoot, Headshots also shot portraits for The Groom Room - Pets at Home's sister business. The main change to the set up was using a background in the brand's blue colour, to differentiate from Pets at Home.

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