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Headshots Photography

capturing the real
people behind


Headshots produce photography that presents your brand authentically. 

We shoot portrait, lifestyle and advertising photography to use
across all platforms, from websites to social media, press releases to advertising and recruitment campaigns.

Our Headshots photography presents a consistent brand image at each touchpoint - from LinkedIn headshots, to a suite of images for annual reports.

Professional Headshot Photography

At Headshots Photography we believe in the power of a striking headshot to convey not just a face but a lifestyle, an aspiration, and a brand. Our skilled photographers blend creativity with professionalism to capture headshots photography that transcend the ordinary. Whether you're an individual aspiring for a breakthrough or a business seeking to make a powerful statement, our photography services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

How it works

This is our typical process to produce a library of authentic headshot photography for companies to showcase the people behind their brand.


First, we meet the client to understand the brief, assets required and business objectives they’re looking to achieve by producing headshot photography. 

Next, we create a shoot concept where we develop ideas to meet the business objectives, confirming choices such as location, lighting, coloured backgrounds, styling, hair and make-up. 

Leading up to the shoot we liaise closely with our client, and provide a brief for the team members involved in the shoot so they’re fully prepared with information such as location, times and clothes to bring.

We also research, select and book locations or studios as needed to meet the brief, and select and brief our production team including photography assistants, hair + make-up stylists and clothing stylists. 

We use our experience at photographing people to make the shoot a memorable and enjoyable day for our client and their team. Experience has taught us this is the best way to capture a good photograph from even the most reluctant back room staff.

During the shoot our photographer shoots tethered to a laptop, allowing real-time review, feedback and selection of photographs on the day by the client. We can liaise with clients either in person or remotely depending on their needs. 

This collaborative approach means any changes can be made instantly, making sure the photographs meet the brief and the client is confident at the end of the shoot the photographs are just what they were looking for. 

After the shoot, the photographer will edit the selected headshots photographs adjusting aspects like colour balance, contrast and exposure. They’ll then re-touch the images removing things like wrinkles, blemishes and stray hairs. 

Our attention to detail in the post-production edit is the reason many clients keep coming back to us to produce high-end headshot photography showing their team looking at their best.   

The library of publication ready photographs are delivered to the client on google drive (or another format if preferred), ready to authentically promote the company across platforms and campaigns. 

Clients & Publications

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Photography that presents your brand authentically.

Create a visual narrative that resonates with your audience.


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